Monday, August 18, 2008

Where'd the blog go?

Short version: There's a group trolling another blog where I comment, that has sometimes made trouble for academics over comments made on blogs. I don't think they'd made trouble for me -- I am a Christian (though theologically I'm far more liberal than what they'd probably consider respectable); I've never taught anything at a Catholic institution that contradicts Catholic teaching and have gotten along well with the most conservative students as well as the most liberal*; and I actually do think this group is correct that a certain segment of the left believes it's totally fine to take cheap shots at Catholicism (though I do not agree with its tactics and means).

I'm so sorry, y'all. But I've had to delete old posts, to make sure there wasn't anything connecting to any other places on the internet where I have been too loose with the potentially-personally-identifying information.

I apologize from the bottom of my heart for deleting your comments... but I wasn't brave enough to risk an assault on my career before it even started.

(And, crud, I just realized... Carlie, I deleted the one already with your contact info, in which you were going to help me with some professional goals! Blargh!!)

I hope to be blogging again after it's blown over.

* - I actually think it's one of my strengths as a teacher that students across the theological spectrum seem to think that I basically understand their worldview; and, if I level critiques, I do so respectfully and with an understanding of the inner logic of where they're coming from. (So, in other words, my critiques do not mimic the "DUH! It is OBVIOUSLY a cracker, y'all!" inanity. Not to mention any names in the blogosphere.) I'm proud of this, because too often it's assumed that a good teacher of my subject will turn the pious drones into uncritical advocates of post-enlightenment liberalism. I did not do this. I'll say, I didn't do as well with the completely nonreligious students who weren't raised with any tradition; so that sort of shows where my sympathies lie, I suppose.


bon said...

Well crap... that'll teach ME to postpone rummaging about in your archives.

Safety, safety, safety! I totally unnerstand!

Anonymous said...

so sorry ... I'm guessing I know what this is about. Courage! (and blessings as the new school year starts)

Mim said...

What a bummer :(

Never mind, when you're ready to blog again we'll be ready to read.

I'm glad you didn't just vanish inexplicably :)

pinky said...

Wow I sympathize. Being a nurse I have had to delete one of my blogs when too many of my coworkers got a hold of it. Now only a select few have access.

Sorry you are having trouble. I do like to read your blog. And religion is a very interesting topic I think...

LauraAnne said...

Hmm, I think I know what you mean about the whole cracker thing. That is a big deal on several other blogs I read. I am trying to stay out of it and just pray for everyone involved.

I am glad to see that you are backish again. I did enjoy your posts and thought you were very observant about the whole friendship thing. I completely agree with you on it.

TA said...

That's too bad, even though I'm one of those evil ex-Catholic pinkos that the Donohues probably would like to see burning at the stake. In spite of my own views on religion, I wish your brand of Christianity was more common.

Carlie said...

Sorry I didn't check sooner!

That's rotten about the way people act. I hope your identity is safe now.

quietone said...

Do you think that you don't do as well with the ones with no religious tradition because you don't find it as easy to adopt their worldview? Or what?

And sorry about the blog. :-(