Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yeah, it's economic armageddon, but have you ever noticed...

...that "somatoform disorder" looks a lot like "tomatoform disorder"?

...and then pondered what a "tomatoform disorder" might be?

...and then thought to yourself, "Well, according to Wikipedia, one of the somatoform disorders is hypochondriasis. Maybe tomatoform disorder is where you fake an injury using ketchup as pretend blood"?




Sorry so silent. Have been: stressing about the economy, stressing about being on the academic job market during a downturn in the economy, stressing about the fact that if I am lucky enough to get a job it means selling our house in a few months which right now sounds only slightly more difficult than getting an academic job during an economic downturn, writing cover letters like mad, being kind of pissy to my family members, and not sleeping as much as I ought.

On the upside, we this evening had an impromptu pumpkin party with friend. The Undersea Explorer was supposed to go on a field trip this morning -- his first-ever field trip of preschool -- and it got canceled due to rain. So the much-anticipated field trip was a bust (and the much-anticipated rain didn't happen, either.) He was SO crushed; not in a tantrummy way, but just in a "WHY, cruel world? WHY do you hate me so, that you would raise my hopes and then dash them as though they matter not?" kind of way. So, to cheer him up, we had another family over for dinner (beef stew served from a pumpkin), bread, cider, pumpkin ale for grownups, and a cookie-cake with a frosting pumpkin on it. I made the stew, bread, and orange frosting but everything else was store-bought. It was a success, I think. But now I think I'm coming down with a chest cold. Which hopefully may explain the stream-of-consciousness reporting style of this post; I just don't have it in me for another self-reflective or politically analytic post tonight.

Spouse just asked me why I was making agitated noises, so I think that's a sign that I should sign off...


bon said...

Dude... you made me google somatoform. Unkind.

Sigh... the economy.
Sigh... housing and the real estate market.
Sigh... job hunting.

All heavily talked about in THIS household, yet not so pressingly, I imagine, as in yours.


A Sarah said...

bon, okay, so I'm not nuts? I heard on NPR this morning, "Blah blah most regular Americans aren't worried..." and I felt like a freak.

Hee! Googling somatoform.

A Sarah said...

Oh, bon, also: Blessings on economy, housing, job hunting, etc. in your house too. ~~~~~~~ <---those are good vibes :)

bon said...


Everyone I talk to is deeply concerned and highly pissed at what has/is going down. This, to me at least, is a grave breach of trust between the American people and the govt... one that the govt says they can fix if we just give them enough billions of dollars??? Shudder.

And right back at you with the good vibes and prayers.